Original "The Sound of Joy"

Original "The Sound of Joy"


“The Sound of Joy”

This image captures the last page of the story.  Before we can get to that, I wonder, have you ever been in a room with an elephant?  If so, you must remember how difficult it is to maneuver.  People often walk with their backs against the wall and the conversation is incredibly small.  (Most things are, when compared to an elephant.) 

Should you decide to stay in the room, the periphery is much safer to navigate so no one can push you into the beast.  That is, of course, if you or anyone even enters the room.  The elephant never misses the sound of the door hinge squeak.  It’s ears lift in anticipation and it’s muscles contract as it decides what the next move should be.  That is, unless the noise is followed by a predictably quick inhale and the soft, but insistent closing of the door.  Alone again… the elephant in the room. 

I’m telling you the backstory because the actual story is rather boring. 

One day, after the squeak was heard, someone walked into the room and said only one word, ‘hello.’  The following day was the same, as was the day after that.  This continued, not for days, but weeks.  Eventually, subtle connections occurred.  If you weren’t paying attention you could have missed the shared smile or the whispered, “See you…” as they parted for the day. 

It wasn’t until they found art that they actually learned how to add words to their relationship.  One line at a time, they began to surround one another with color, movement and growth.  One line at a time, they remembered what is was like to trust and to hope.  One line at a time they began to share the sound of joy. 

20" x 20" original acrylic on canvas

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