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We are a community of art therapists & artists that truly know the healing power of art and are ready to share that beauty with the world.

BECAUSE when we connect with our own art, our businesses improve & our voices strengthen.

This is how the world begins to heal… one art piece at a time.






Weekly Accountability & Reflection Questions

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Ongoing Encouragement & Connection

The Make Art, Pass It On Community is set up as though we are collaborating on a sculpture.  Together, we will infuse art into our business plans and communities. 

Instead of MODULES we will develop & refine our businesses by embracing the PRACTICES of creating a sculpture: chipping, sculpting, sanding & polishing. 

We must go through the same progression: chip away what doesn’t belong, sculpt our lives and give them form through the people we associate with and the information we take in, allow the rough spots of our lives to be sanded away through adversity and suffering, and then, only then, are we ready to be polished and let our power and beauty show in all their glory.
— Chris Widener, The Angel Inside: Michelangelo’s Secrets for Following Your Passion and Find the Work You Love

This is a place where the right side of your brain can dance with the left side of your brain.  Your business will grow while intertwined with something you’re passionate about.  And all of this will happen amidst a supportive & encouraging community built by creatives with the same understanding and mindset!

A theme is released 1x monthly with the weekly focus bringing us back to the cyclical progress of a sculpture: chipping away what doesn’t belong to provide direction, sculpting our networks & knowledge, sanding away the difficulties in our businesses by creating better & simpler systems, and finally polishing our delivery to share the power & beauty of creativity with others. 

Additionally, there will be weekly accountability threads in our private Facebook Community, group phone calls monthly and a live Q & A session once a month.  



Make Art, Pass It On!
Membership Community

$1 for the first month,

$17 monthly to follow

Cancel your payment plan at any time.  


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Why I created the Make Art, Pass It On! Membership…

The moment I found out art therapy was a profession, I knew I had found the path for me.  Art was always my safe space.  It was my clarity, my sounding board and equivalent to a hug when I needed reassurance amidst the beautiful chaos of life.  I was certain THIS was my way to change the world.  And yet, I had such a hard time explaining it to people.  I watched their body language give away their boredom and confusion as I stumbled over my words.  If only I could get them to paint with me, perhaps then, I wouldn’t feel like banging my head against the wall after I’d muddled up my explanation… again.

When I received my graduate degree in art therapy I felt like a novelty in the professional world.  ‘And, we have art therapy!’ was written on the pamphlets and touted by marketing departments.  But, in my experience, it wasn’t respected by most healthcare professionals. I took jobs that didn’t require a master’s degree and began referring to myself as a counselor instead of an art therapist.  I was really lonely and discouraged.  I was making less than I was worth.  And, I had stopped making time for my own art.

Fast forward a few years & I found myself as a stay-at-home mom, in a new city, with 2 toddlers to care for while my husband returned to school full-time.  I was a mess.  Truly.  I was trying to sell credit processing business-to-business.  On occasion, I even had a stroller in tow.  It was definitely not my strength, until I began talking to people with art businesses.  It seems so obvious in retrospect.  Art was always the answer for me. 

The next challenge was learning how to be a business owner instead of an employee.  I took tons of online courses and studied alongside my husband as he took his business courses.  And, more importantly, I began connecting with other artists in business.  I learned marketing techniques and found that they complimented my counseling skills.  I immersed myself in art, both the making of it and the viewing of it. Rediscovering the joy of art as a means of running my own business has lit a fire inside of me.  And that’s exactly what I’m hoping to extend to you.  You really do deserve community, support, inspiration and lots of art as you navigate your business!


Are you ready to make art & pass it on?


So, is the Make Art, Pass It On! Membership for you…?

You have unending to-do lists.  You’re isolated, alone and always playing catch-up.  Not to mention all the other stressors in your life… the kids, the house, the laundry.  Do you even know when to work and when to relax?

You’ve lost your sense of what art is for you.  You’re afraid of how your work is going to connect with your personal art.  That is, if you even have the time or motivation to make anything.  How can you commit to making art when it doesn’t feel important to your business growth?

You find yourself feeling overwhelmed and abstract in the business world because your creative right-brain isn’t being addressed.  Besides, you’ve joined other business groups and are tired of the lack of compassion in the world.  You’ve felt deflated when you put yourself out there for support and were met with nasty, judgmental answers.

You long for authenticity and positive feedback to help you grow without all the pressure.  You can only take so much leaking energy from the people and are waiting for something to ground and renew you. 



What is the best decision for you?


I believe creativity is always the answer.  When you give yourself permission to imagine, to play, to erase your mistakes and move forward with new learning, you discover the beauty of art.  And, when you turn that process to your business, you reignite the passion you began your career with.  You invite hope in.  The Make Art, Pass It On! Community is a safe, supportive place where you can grow in courage and authenticity.  Is it for you?

What makes this online community different from others?
The emphasis is on support, collaboration, positivity, inspiration and shared learning.  Everyone is encouraged to participate… The more you take part, the more you grow.  However, there will always be a sense that whatever you can give at any given time is always going to be enough.  It’s okay to just be in the room, storing up the inspiration from others as you develop your own inspiration.

Are you going to share the knowledge you’ve gained from other courses?
Absolutely!  I believe the more generous we are with our knowledge, the faster we rise collectively.  In addition to providing lessons that will support you and your business growth, I will also provide you a list of the sources I’ve used to acquire the information so you can dive deeper if you choose.


Do I have to be online a lot?
You control the amount of time you spend online in the community.  Whatever works for you!


Do I have to use Facebook?

At this time, that is where all the action is. 

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes you can.  As much as I’d hate to see you go, it is a no hassle process with no hard feelings. 


Am I going to get lost in the community? 
The community is supportive and compassionate.  I will be checking in regularly and you can email me at any time.   


How do I pay for my membership?

The membership fee will be automatically withdrawn via PayPal from the account of your choice once a month. 

How long do I have access to everything?
You have unlimited access to all content as long as you are a member.



Membership Community

$1 for the first month,

$17 monthly to follow

Cancel your payment plan at any time.