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Art is communication.  It can lead to forgiveness.  It is faith in action.  It brings life balance.  It is a reminder to pause when the rest of the world is saying hustle.  Art brings clarity.  I'm on a mission to bring creativity, encouragement and life-long learning to people's lives.

Here's Why:

Creativity is the most important gift my parents gave me because it is the solution to everything.

I remember going on summer vacations - all 8 of us driving across the country snuggled in a van for 2 weeks with our pop-up camper in tow.  You could hear our voices singing Free To Be You and Me for miles... or maybe you heard the song being protested.  You see, we rarely agreed, but the only option was togetherness.  The goal became seeking excitement and hidden opportunities.  We transformed into spontaneous adventurers.  We were wild, unexpected and filled with the entire spectrum of emotions, often simultaneously and in close quarters.  This was our advantage. 

  • We quickly learned how to create spaces where most people saw none. 

  • We learned that a collective song eliminates discontent and replaces it with unity. 

  • We noticed that activating our minds with board games, art and puzzles brings focus and centering. 

  • We recognized that nature and play were essential to survival because it took us out of our heads and into presence. 

You see, we were born to be artists.  

Most people think of fine arts when discussing artists, but that is a limited view.  With our creative skills, my siblings and I became encouragers, designers, mathematicians, cooks, social workers, parents, counselors, travelers, business owners, and life-long learners.  Creativity is our common denominator.    

  • Art stimulates imagination

  • Art cultivates curiosity over judgement

  • Art visually welcomes a world of storytelling

  • Art reminds us that there are many solutions to every problem

Art heals.  Not just the making of art, but the art we surround ourselves with.  

Our world is moving quickly.  Our thoughts are fragmented and rapid in succession.  Have you noticed how looking at the art in your home makes you feel? Have you decided how you want to feel?  Curating your home and your art helps you to visualize the person you are becoming.   

With a background in art therapy and dementia care, I have a deep understanding of the importance of visual language and metaphor.  At the heart of it, I’m a listener that translates words into images.  


CLICK HERE if you're looking for a unique way to hold onto your memories or visualize your future artistically.  Commissioning an art piece starts with a simple conversation.  Your story is important.  Connect with me at to see it come to life.  

CLICK HERE if you're looking for a place to connect with other artists & art therapists in an artistically inspired business community.  It's a place where encouragement, support, creativity and accountability collide.  You don't have to do this alone anymore.